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Dating & The Annoying Sh*t That Guys Do.


dating is a minefield. Come prepared.

Topher Gen

‘Honesty is the best policy.’ That’s one of the many gems of wisdom my gran imparted, along with ‘Watch Absolutely Fabulous when you’re sad’ and ‘It’s shoes or go barefoot, never wear espadrilles.’ The first is a bit of a blanket statement, but depending on the situation, it can make sense. The other two? Well, they’re rules I follow with an almost religious-like devotion.

Honesty is a tricky thing to get right. Think of it as a balancing procedure; applied correctly, the right amount can resolve situations with minimum upset and little guilt; but if you’re brash or too honest, then you may wind up getting booed to death or bitch slapped. When it comes to dating, feelings, and all matters love, I always prefer honesty. If you’re not in to me, that’s fine. You’re clearly a faulty, emotionless robot, but it’s totally fine. For most of us though…

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2 thoughts on “Dating & The Annoying Sh*t That Guys Do. Leave a comment

  1. Sometimes (at least, up until I got married 2 years ago), I would find myself thinking that all same gender loving men were dogs, goats, whatever. It must go with the territory. Naked hugs!

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