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MVMT Watch

mvmt gold watch

I wanted to post about my favourite accessory.

I’m not a big accessory or jewellery guy, but I love my watch. There’s something about a nice watch on a man that just makes me more attracted to him because I think it’s classy.

I wear this one pretty much everyday because it goes with most of my outfits. It’s from MVMT’s 40 series collection, gold band with a blue face. This one in particular isn’t actually sold anymore, but they have a whole heap of fantastic watches for sale.


I stumbled across this brand from the advertising on a podcast I listen to which was offering a discount and thought I would check it out. MVMT doesn’t sell through stores and is purely online which is why their watches are so affordable.

This is actually my second watch from MVMT. My first one was a rose gold one with a brown leather band which is still for sale. However I left this one on the bedside table of a one night stand I had early last year and was never be able to recover it. Which prompted my lesson about keeping my watch on during hook ups.

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Interestingly I have seen that guy out wearing a watch that looks very similar to the one I left. What’s the protocol for demanding your watch back from a guy you’ve slept with?

My gut feeling is its probably not appropriate to do in the middle of a bar, even if just to avoid the cliche scene. Maybe I should just treat myself to a new one when I have some spare money that’s not going to rent, food or booze. If you want to check out their site, the link is here mvmt watches.
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