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Waiting for my nudes to be leaked

Male nudes

Hey I need you to test something for me.

Did you know that if you send someone a video via direct message on Instagram, that the other person can save it with no notification?
This was the test my friend needed me to help him with. I guess he assumed it was like snapchat where it would give you a notification if you saved a video in the chat.

It is not at all like snapchat apparently.

He then tried to play it off like it wasn’t of any real concern. Nah buddy, you’re just realising how many nudes you’ve sent via direct message right? Which then led to a conversation about which used to be a place everyone would check regularly, just to make sure you’re nudes hadn’t made it on there somehow. Thankfully it’s been taken down now. However as of Tuesday, we just found out about a new tumblr site for Gay Brisbane Boys, a lot look self submitted, but I’m sure there’s a fair bit of revenge porn on there.

Anyway, the conversation culminated in a discussion about how often we share nudes with people we aren’t that close to (I’m talking about Grindr). and how many people potentially have our nudes saved somewhere. Will they come back to haunt us one day? Will they surface somewhere online? Which ex is crazy enough to post revenge porn? So basically I’m just playing the waiting game for when my nudes get leaked.

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  1. The current school of thought would suggest you’ve put yourself at risk (of revenge porn) so it’s all your own fault. I’m of the opinion that I should be respected; my past, my now and my future by everyone. And I’m not asking. Once again we see the need for a shift in focus to ensure everyone is being held accountable for their shitty behaviour. It’s not shitty of me to takes nudes of myself or to share them.

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