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Tshirts Available on Redbubble

gay tshirts, lgbt pride shirts, baseball tee

I’ve decided to add another aspect to my blog and create a Redbubble store using some of the images from my blog.


I’m hoping I’m not alone in 1) liking gay/lgbt tshirts & 2) thinking they look cool on other items.

I’m going to add more as I go along, but the cool thing about redbubble is, when you upload an image, you can custom design the image for different products. Thsirts, Jumpers, Pillows, Wall art, Phone cases, Notebooks and more.

The only trouble is, the coding that redbubble gives you to embed the store is script, which isn’t able to be embeded on wordpress. So I’m only able to embed text links. Oh well, redbubble makes it super easy, because I can just upload the images, design the products and have them handle printing, payment, shipping etc.

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Redbubble ships internationally, so you can purchase these from anywhere. Check out my store and tell me what you think of the current options and feel free to suggest other pictures from my blog that you think could be added to products. Living Gay Brisbane Store.



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