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Taking someone home just to cuddle

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I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I’m in a bit of a dry spell, honestly it’s about 50% my fault and 50% the contract everyone must have signed to ignore me.

I didn't fuck a strangerBut the parts that are my fault include, but are not limited to; The two times in the last 6 months that I’ve managed to pick up out at gay bars and brought boys home. Just. For. Cuddles. Both times I was so excited to actually have a guy interested in me, that I really wanted to do something about it. But I was either too drunk to have sex or still sober enough to not want to have meaningless sex. So I said things like ‘Do you want to come home with me and cuddle? No sex though’. Which they actually said yes to, probably because they assumed I actually meant sex. I didn’t though.

Do you know what sounds like a good idea at the time? Taking a guy home just to cuddle.
Do you know what’s actually really awkward in the cold sobering light of morning? Taking a guy home just to cuddle. I tend to wake up fairly early after a night out so 7:00 rolls around and I’m awake, laying next to a comatose half naked guy that I’ve spoken to for less than 2 hours and I realise that I don’t want a random that I haven’t had sex with in my house anymore. Awkward right?

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Have you ever tried to wake up a drunk guy, but also not make it obvious that you’re trying to wake him up? It’s not easy, the second time I actually resorted to texting my friend asking them to call me with some emergency, while I quickly put my phone on loud (yea I know that’s cliche and lame, but I was hungover). Luckily both times, when the guys have woken up they’ve come to the same realisation that I have ‘This is fucking awkward’ and they’ve made their exit after a quick shower. We both promise to text or meet up and we both know this is a lie. But that’s ok.

So now I have a hangover, I have this weird mix of regret for the awkwardness of the situation and relief that I did’t sleep with a stranger. The worst part is that I didn’t even get cuddles, because I passed out pretty much straight away both times. Yes I’m aware picking up guys in a nightclub are not going to get me what I want, but it sounded like a good idea at the time.

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I missed the pick up

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  1. Some advice. Find a guy you think is hot, take him home and have hot sex. THEN CUDDLE. That’s usually how things go. Not the other way round LOL. Oh and please be safe taking guys home. Jeffrey Dahmer picked up his victims in gay bars (like I’m much better meeting them off Apps? SMH).

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