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Are you growing a Mo?

The Movember Foundation raises funds for some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

Movember (Moustache November) is a foundation that started in Australia in 2003 and has grown to over 5 million moustaches. Now in 20 countries, you can easily sign up, donate or join an event. Even just share this post. BE INVOLVED. You can read there whole story here.

Not only do they raise money for some fantastic causes, their site is also a fantastic resource for mens health (mental and physical) and the occasional eye candy of a hot guy with facial hair. There’s something for everyone here; even if you’re looking for a facial hair style guide.

How it works

Grow a moustache

Start November clean shaven, grow throughout the month, and raise some funds for the men who need it most. Bonus points if you can pull of the moustache look. Not everyone looks hot with a moustache, but pinterest did not disappoint when I searched for Moustache Fetish.

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Don’t want/can’t grow a moustache? That’s ok, you can still get involved by setting a distance goal and walking, running or cycling for sponsorship to raise money for reaching your goal.

Raise money & spread awareness

Share your group or your individual Movember page with friends, family and colleagues. Start a conversation with mates about mens health. I have an old boss who participates in Movember every year, he sends an email to all his past and previous colleagues to raise awareness and ask for donations (I just received this email today and will be donating).

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If you want more information on The Movember Foundation you can check them out here. Men’s health is important, its important to talk about. That’s why I decided to write this post.

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