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5 dating rules for gay men

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1: Make the first date coffee

it’s quick, it’s simple and it’s not obvious if you bail right after if need be. This one I learnt after a few too many tinder dates where I’d overcommitted my time and couldn’t think of polite ways too bail. The one time my housemate actually locked herself out of the house I was called out for being obviously disinterested. Sorry man, just a happy accident.

2: Get their number

Add it to your contacts and do a Facebook contact search prior. This helps to see if their online dating profile is a true reflection of them or not and whether you have any mutual friends (or exes). Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

3: Three date rule

 If they baulk, then they aren’t worth your time. I actually don’t follow the three date rule too closely, but its a very good indication if a guy is uncomfortable with it I say good bye. So I tend to throw it out there before we actually meet, that way I can weed out the time wasters.

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4: “Masc4Masc” or “Straight Acting”

I’d better not hear things like ‘Masc’ or ‘Straight Acting’ come out of your mouth. There’s nothing worse than some internalised homophobia to kill the mood

5: Sandals… Enough Said

I was reading a post about red flags for gay men on the first date and started thinking about what sort of rules I currently adhere to, link below.

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  1. I think coffee is a good first date, but also if the conversation was too sexual previously, coffee could still be perceived as a non-date….


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