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Marketing companies need your gays?

Marketing to LGBT, marketing companies brisbane

A response to an article on marketing mag about marketing to gay and lesbian people.

My initial reaction to this article was that I find the idea of “Gay Marketing” really unsettling, but when I thought about it I realised I subscribe to a lot of things that have gay targeted marketing.

I guess the unsettling part of this article is the idea that companies might try to appeal to the gay market without overtly appearing to do so. That to me seems really underhanded and a backwards step for acceptance.

Some companies go to the trouble of creating two versions of the same ad (one heterosexual and one homosexual), with the appropriate ad being placed in the appropriate media outlet.

The principals behind marketing to specific target audiences are sound here, but what concerns me are ideas like ‘gay window’ using a type of visual clue that would only be noticed by members of the LGBTIQ+ community or ‘gay vague’ where the people in the ad could be gay, but you just don’t know. It feels like hedging your bets to me and saying “We want you to buy our products but we don’t want people to know we accept gay people for fear of backlash”.

Reminds me of a certain backlash issue Telstra had last year when they withdrew their official support for marriage equality in Australia because “It wasn’t their place to get involved” *Cough* The Catholic Church lent on them.

This article makes a fairly obvious point that gay men & women do like marketing that shows overtly gay messages. We just want to be recognised and accepted (honestly that’s the real Gay Agenda, ANZ recently posted a powerful ad aimed at the LGBTIQA community that I think gets its message across really well and hits home.

What do you think of the research provided in the original article? How do you feel about companies hiding ‘gay windows’ in their ads?

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Read the original article here

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